Friday, July 3, 2009

Tending to my knitting

I have project updates and yarn updates, and the yarn is growing faster than I can knit!
In the project department:
1. I have finished my scarf:

2. I have started and made good progress on a sweater/top for myself. It's a modified version of Pioneer (from, using TLC cotton plus:
Pioneer in progress
The photo is a bit blurred, sorry.

In the yarn department:
1. I got some fabulous Flock Bransonas cotton-bamboo yarn in a swap package from a Ravelry pal:
Yarn detail:
Swap yarn Flock Bransonas
2. I signed up for Whimsy Pinzy's hand dyed cotton yarn club and have 2 yarns so far:
"A Night In"
cotton sock yarn 1a
and Watermelon Sangria:
cotton sock yarn 2b
Every month is a fun surprise!

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