Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The cellphone photo doesn't do justice to the overall soft lime green color of this yarn. The hat used almost all of 1 skein.

Not quite a pattern, but here's what I did:
1. Measured my head
2. Knit a swatch (using handspun bamboo, hemp, and sparkle yarn from Folktale Fibers) in k2p2 rib to check gauge
3. Based on results, cast on 64 stitches (the closest multiple of 4 that would equal the size of my head, based on the gauge), using a larger needle so as not to cast on too tightly)
4. Joined and worked k2p2 ribbing in round for 2.5 inches
5. Knit 1 round for fold line
6. Worked p2k2 ribbing for 5 inches. This change means that the ribs on the turned up brim match the ribs on the crown of the hat.
7. Maintaining pattern, decreased 4 sts evenly spaced every row until 8 sts remained. I placed the decs so as to feed them into 4 ribs.
8. Cut yarn and drew tail through remaining stitches.
9. Worked ends of yarn into inside of hat
10. Turned up the brim on the fold line, put on the hat, and smiled.

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