Saturday, August 16, 2008

Approaching the finish line

back or front of my cotton vest
My excuse for not blogging: I've been knitting along with the Olympics, to the extent that the broadcast schedule has been compatible with my need to sleep, eat, and go to work. The vest ran into difficulties (surely the knitter wasn't to blame...) and had to have its front and back re-knit from the start of the neckline up. At the same time, my Olympics viewing has been a repeated nightly round of beach volley ball and swimming, reinforcing the feeling of being stuck in one place. But this time both the back and front are truly finished. I am ready to bind off, join the shoulders, pick up and knit the neck and armhole ribbing, sew 2 seams, and be done. Oh, except, of course, for the weaving in of ends and light blocking.

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