Saturday, April 12, 2008

More de/re-stashing

I've photographed and catalogued all my yarn. Thank you, Ravelry!
I think I've found, photographed, and recorded all my remaining wool.
I've brought home, photographed, and recorded all the fun stuff I got in exchange for the Dyed in the Wool variegated, which has found a home.
I've put the handspun naturals( coveted by at least 2 of my colleagues) into my gym bag so they will travel to work with me on Monday.
Meanwhile, I have a few tentative nibbles on Ravelry as well as offers of small experimental amounts of various non-wools.
Somewhere in here I got out to view the tulips and daffodils.
Now it's time to start knitting something other than that afghan. I'm trying to recall how I did a slip stitch pattern that came out as a restrained 2-color plaid, back in my woolly days. I' m picturing it as stockinette, with vertical lines of slipped stitches, and occasional rows of a contrasting color, crossed by the slipped stitch.

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